Revised 2021-2022 Gifted Identification Timeline

The 21-22 Gifted Identification Timeline has been recently revised in response to changing conditions.  All changes will be reflected on Henrico’s Gifted Programs webpage, under Henrico’s Support Services tab: The gifted identification referral window has been extended.  Referrals will be accepted between January 3rd and January 21st.  The additional week extension will allow parent/guardian(s) to initiate a gifted referral by email or in writing to their school’s Gifted Identification Coordinator. Additional updates will be communicated through each school’s messaging media as well as through the division’s social media and Gifted Programs webpage.  Please contact your school’s Gifted Identification Coordinator or Gifted Resource Teacher with any questions.  You may also contact Henrico’s Gifted Programs staff at 804-226-5126 or